INDIAN HANDICRAFTS, It is located in the Sarai Tarin District Sambhal this city also admired as the birthplace of Horn & Bone Handicrafts, People here doing this worked since 1960, most of Rajasthan bone worked transfer from here INDIAN HANDICRAFT are doing every kind of our Handicrafts, Home Decorative, Furniture, Bar Accessories, Houseware & Gifts product which is offered with the best design. We follow some process of manufacturing which makes it able to afford the necessity of beauty good looking as well as the comfort which must be a very great requirement of everyone who wants to decorate their living place properly.

There must be a kind of standard about the manufacturing process which should be followed for assuring that the product has the quality which can be suitable with an expectation of the customers since it will also influence the price of the product. The producer of course should make sure the process should be accomplished correctly for ensuring buyer satisfaction